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くろとびさん Kurotobi San/Sooty

Kurotobi San or Sooty seems to like the fairy-tale parasol, bureau with pot and giant cushion (white) in my garden.

kurotobisan profile.png


Personality: whimsical/capricious

Physical characteristic: black spots

Memento: game pieces – various  board game pieces that have not been used much

Kurotobisan memento.png


update Jan 2018


It looks like there are 3 new kokeshi pots, a white giant cushion and green giftbox! Also a new regular cat.

Here’s a look at the items:


The cats look so cute in the kokeshi pots! like little bundled up kittens

The white giant cushion can fit 2 normal cats like the other giant cushion.

みかづきさん/Mikazuki San/Hermeowne

Mikazuki San comes for the egg night bed, perching on top of out even when other cars are inside. Could the Japanese name have something to do with Mikazuki Munechika? Hermeowne of course is from Hermione (Harry Potter). I had bonito bitz out when she came.

Mikazuki San hermeowne neko atsume


Personality: quiet / docile

Physical characteristic: wizard hat

Memento: small glass bottle – there is soft and tiny powder inside

はいぶちさん/Haibuchi San/Willow

Haibuchi San / Willow seems to like the yellow hammock, thick cooling pad, small shopping box and yellow bucket in my garden! ‘Hai’ means hey and ‘buchi’ spot.


Personality: naive

Physical characteristic: grey spotted

Treasure / memento: forgotten key – a toy key of which it’s origin is unknown

Chapointo San / Chocola

ちゃぽいんとさん/Chapointo San / Chocola likes the snowdome / goldfish bowl, which seem to match his forgetful personality!! ‘Cha’ is brown and ‘pointo’ is point/spot.

chocola chapointo san neko atsume

Personality: forgetful

Physical characteristic: “seal point” meaning I guess brown spot (‘cha’ in his name is brown and ‘pointo’ means spot)


Update July 2017

Hello! Sorry about the very late post on the latest update. We have new items! And 3 new cats (2 normal – はいぶちさん/Haibuchi San/Willow and ちゃぽいんとさん/Chapointo San/Chocola. 1 special – Hermeowne).

Check out the new items:

しのぶさん Shinobu San / Whiteshadow

Shinobu San seems to like sashimi and the deluxe tuna bitz. He doesn’t play with the items but appears somewhere in the background.

shinobu san whiteshadow profile

Personality: elusive

Physical characteristic: ninja outfit

Top 3 goods: scouting duties, espionage activities

Memento: origami shrunken- a shuriken folded very nicely with Japanese paper.

shinobu memento.png

Shinobu San in the normal garden:

Shinobu garden

Shinobu San in zen style garden:

Shinobu San in the rustic garden:

Shinobu San in the modern garden:

Shinobu San in the Sugary style garden:


Whiteshadow in Western garden:

Whiteshadow in the cafe:


Update Dec 2016

The new items are soooo cute!!

new items Dec 2016

There’s a new special cat too. Post about it soon!

The cats now also rub their face:




しまぽいんとさん / Melange

Melange really looks like a mix of Marshmallow and Mack. So far Melange has come for the kick toy (bunny), kick toy (fish), cowboy hat, dino deluxe and big cushion in my garden.

melange profile neko atsume

Personality: has presence of mind, calm and self-possessed

Physical characteristic: blue lynx

Treasure: cotton scarf – a cotton scarf that is nice to touch, inside there’s some embroidery that looks like words

melange memento neko atsume

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