As you probably know, the cats will leave you gifts of anchovies after they have played with the goods you left out in the garden/house (as well as eaten) and leave you gifts of anchovies, either silver or gold.

Neko Atsume anchovies
Neko Atsume anchovies

There’s actually another way to get anchovies daily.

To do this, go to menu, click news (if you’re not sure how to get there see my post explaining the Neko Atsume menu here) and you will see this screen:

Daily anchovies Neko Atsume
Daily anchovies

Click the signboard and you will get to this screen:

Neko Atsume registering for daily anchovies
Register for daily anchovies

*I heard that android users have to then type in the daily password. Just for you guys – you can get it by visiting the Neko Atsume Code facebook page every day.

Update: Now that Neko Atsume is in English you can type it in English, just make sure NOT to put a space behind the password because it won’t recognize it. Whether the first letter is a capital letter or not doesn’t make a difference.

Anyway, once iphone users have clicked the arrow, the password will be registered automatically and you get anchovies!

neko atsume password registration
password registration for anchovies

After registering 5 times in a row, you get a can of cat food!

free cat food neko atsume
free cat food