Just thought I’d run through the cat profile with everyone. I’ve typed in the explanations of what each bit is in the picture below.

If you want to type in your own name, just click the name portion and type it in.

neko atsume cat profile
neko atsume cat profile

So basically, this cat is called Shiro Neko San, which means white cat. Its name in the English version is Snowball.

Physical characteristic: white (wow big surprise haha)

Personality: quiet

Battle power: 80

No. of times Shiro Neko San has visited: 141

Top 3 goods Shiro Neko San has played with in my game: Sakura cusion, big cushion, L size cool mat

If you click on album, you’ll see the pictures you’ve taken of the cat.

To find out how to set the cat’s profile photo, go to this page.

That’s it! Meow you later!