If you want to delete any of the photos in your cat album because it’s full and you have a cuter newer photo, delete an old photo by tapping the photo you want to delete and pressing ‘delete’ (at the top menu as you can see in the photo below).

If you want to move the cat photos across albums in Neko Atsume, it’s pretty easy too!

Go to the cat album, click the photo you want to move and press ‘move’ at the top – as shown in the picture below.

Neko Atsume album
Neko Atsume Album

Once you click ‘move’, you will see this screen:

neko atsume moving album
neko atsume moving album

Choose the album you want to move the photo to and you’re done! The first one at the top is a ‘free album’.

If you want to move a photo within an album, tap on the photo once, then hold on to it and move it across to the position of the photo you want to replace. The photos will swap places.