If you google Neko Atsume you’ll see lots of different types of gardens. How do you get them?

Well, first you have to extend your garden.

You need 180 gold anchovies to entend your garden. You can extend it by going to the shop and scrolling right through to the end.

garden extension neko atsume
garden extension

After you extend your garden, you can remodel your garden! (Go to the menu>others>remodel)

neko atsume remodel
neko atsume remodel

There are different style gardens and they will all cost you golden anchovies. 140 golden anchovies for the first remodel and 280 for any subsequent ones. You can switch between gardens without any further charge. However, if you do that while there are still cats in the garden, they will leave. Any leftover food will still remain though.

garden extension remodel neko atsumegarden remodel neko atsume

Usual style:

extended garden neko atsume
extended garden

pond with alcove:

This garden is very nice but if you put the Athletic EX tower indoors, you won’t be able to see the cat at the top most level.

pond with alcove neko atsume
pond with alcove

wood deck:

The wood deck is quite nice because even small items won’t block the other items.

Wood deck neko atsume
Wood deck

modern style:

modern style neko atsume
modern style

Western style:

The Western style is really cool but the cactus is kinda in the way when you want to take pictures of the cats.

Western style garden neko atsume
Western style

The sweets garden is so girly! Sooo colorful. Anything tall indoors in the L size area will block the item behind.

sweets garden neko atsume
sweets garden
cafe garden

Which do you like most?