Meow! Manzoku San (manzoku means satisfied) comes quite often so I don’t know if you think he’s a special cat but I consider him one because he won’t come for the normal food (free), only for the paid food! Also interestingly enough, under ‘top 3 goods’, food is listed there (high class crunchy food and sashimi for mine), haha!

If you don’t want him to eat your premium food there’s not much you can do, except put it in the house. He’s too fat and lazy to get there.

He will lie next to the empty container for quite a while before leaving. If you re-fill or change to new food, Manzoku San will leave straightaway, but he won’t leave as many anchovies as if you just leaving him there so he can leave in his own time.

Manzoku San Tubbs

He also likes the big cushion. He basically only comes for premium food and the big cushion.


Manzoku San’s profile:

Manzoku San profile neko atsume
Manzoku San profile

Physical characteristic: fluffy / soft

Personality: at full speed / impetuous

Treasure: dried bonito – there are traces of claw scratches. It smells very good.

Manzoku San treasure neko atsume
Manzoku San treasure