Hello! I wonder if Ekichou San was inspired by Tama the station master cat?

Anyway, I reckon he’s pretty cute, the only drawback is that the ‘Achi Kochi’ (here and there) rail takes up such a large space! (for only 1 cat) But since Ekichou San and the other cats look so cute playing with the rail I don’t mind.


Physical characteristic: station master

Personality: observant

Treasure: handmade ticket – a ticket that looks like it was made by a kid, it’s blurry so the words can’t be read

Ekichou San treasure neko atsume
Ekichou San treasure

Here’s Ekichou San looking smart with his whistle and hat playing with the rail:

Ekichou San rail neko atsume
Ekichou San rail

Ekichou San on the train:

Ekichou San train neko atsume
Ekichou San train