Maromayu San looks really cool doesn’t he? Took me ages to get him to come. My friend told me he’ll only come if there’s sashimi and sure enough, as soon as I laid out some sashimi he came for a visit. Maromayu San also comes for the purple luxury can food (/ =ω=)/ Maromayu could mean round eyebrows~


Physical characteristic: Kariginu (a type of garment that nobles traditionally wore to go hunting)

Personality: gracious, refined

Treasure: high-quality brush – brand new sharp brush, made with high-quality fur

Maromayu San treasure neko atsume
Maromayu San treasure

Maromayu San comes for the temari ball.

Marumayu San with mari neko atsume
Maromayu San with mari

Maromayu San also comes for the high grade red lacquer bowl.

Maromayu San with high-grade red lacquer bowl

You can even CATch Maromayu San hanging out with the bowl while a cat’s inside the bowl!