Cream San is very elusive! If you do manage to see Cream San, make sure you get a photo! So far, in my garden the top 3 goods for Cream San are the Nodategasa (red traditional style umbrella). chirimen cushion and blizzard tent.

Cream San profile neko atsume
Cream San profile

Physical characteristic: cream spotted

Personality: whimsical/capricious/fickle

Treasure: bent straw – a plastic straw in a special shape

(Could the straw be bent in the same heart shape that is on Cream San’s body?)

Cream San treasure neko atsume
Cream San treasure

Here are some pictures of Cream San so you can see what other items Cream San likes:

Cream San pictures neko atsume
Cream San pictures
Cream San pics neko atsume
Cream San pics