The umbrellas, towers, sled, sweets tower and shelves are all large items.

The cats hang out on all of these similarly.

The most number of cats I’ve seen hanging out at the umbrellas is 3.

The bigger tower you get the more worth it as you get more cats hanging out. The most I’ve ever gotten is 6 cats.


It’s pretty cute when the cats hang out in the bureau with pot. The maximum no. of cats you can get there is 5.


The athletic cat-gym is supposed to get the cats exercising I guess but they seem pretty happy just sitting on it LOL. The most I’ve seen on mine is 4 cats.

athletic cat gym.png

The most cats I’ve seen on the sunken fireplace is 4. (You need Chairman Meow at the top to get 4). The cats have this strange new pose where they look like they’ve keeled over from a heart attack on the sunken fireplace, but they’re probably just bowing – they do it too on the cushions.

sunken fireplace item guide neko atsume

The sled is a large item but can only hold 2 cats.


The antique chair can only hold 2 cats.

antique chair.png

Sweets tower (most I’ve seen is 5 cats):

sweets tower

Dino Deluxe (only 2 cats) – cats pretty much just hang out on it and sometimes scratch.

dino deluxe

Special items: Märchen parasol, sweets tower, Athletic EX tower, sunken fireplace and shelves.

The others are pretty standard so it just depends whether you like how the cats look when they hang out around those items.