It’s winter in Neko Atsume!!! Too cute!!! I love the winter version of the song!!!

By the way there’s no way to induce the snow, there will just be snow randomly.

Lay out the items for Yuki Neko San / Frosty because he seems to like appearing when there’s snow. Post on Yuki Neko San / Frosty here.

Is the snow rabbit in the normal style garden super cute or what!! (You can search yuki usagi to find out more)

normal garden winter neko atsume
normal garden in winter

There’s a shovel leaning on the wall in the wood deck garden.

winter Neko Atsume
wood deck in winter

The pond has frozen over in the traditional Japanese one.

pond & alcove in winter

There’s a snowman (yuki daruma) in the modern one~

modern style winter neko atsume
modern style in winter
winter in Western style neko atsume
winter in Western style


winter sweets garden neko atsume
winter in sweets garden


The carpet is different and the lamp at the bottom left corner has been replaced with a clothes rack and red hat.

winter cafe neko atsume
winter in cafe

The new goods are super cute too, I will be updating them under the ‘items’ section in the menu.

There is also a ‘leave it to us’ button under Menu>Goods, which will randomly set goods in your garden!

random setting

You can also clear your garden of all the goods with just 1 button now:

clear evrything

Check out my post on Ekichou San / Conductor Whisker’s too because there’s an update on that post because of this update!