There are 4 teasers in total. With the wing-thing teaser, the cats either sleep next to it or lie on their back to play with it:

feather teaser

Same with the toys.

toys neko atsume

pink toy

With the wands they do all of the above plus jump up and pull them down.

With the other teasers they sleep next to them or paw them which is really cute and animated.

teasers neko atsume

The cats sleep next to the busy bee, lie on their back and try to CATch the busy bee (animated) or just stare at it all entranced. The busy bee moves.

This is how they play with the butterfly swarm (the butterflies bounce up and down).


You should get:

special item: mouse wand

1 teaser (except the wing-thing one), 1 toy or the wing-thing teaser, busy bee