The normal cats squeeze into the vases like this:

vase neko atsume

They squeeze in the cowboy hat like in the tiny box or try to wear the hat on their heads:

cowboy hat neko atsume

This is how they hang out at the bath:

The cats in the rice cooker:

rice cooker neko atsume

The cats hanging out in the red lacquer bowl:



Treasure Chests:

Are the cats staring at the fish because they’re hungry? When the cats peer through the fish bowl, they’re animated.


The snow dome is really cute because the snow in the dome is animated.

snow dome.png

The normal cats scratch on the log and post similarly.

scratching posts neko atsume

When the cats scratch on the scratching board however they do it face-front.

scratching board neko atsume

Special items: cowboy hat (Kid San), red lacquer bowl (Maromayu San / Kathmandu)