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vase, cowboy hat, bath, fish bowl, snow dome, rice cooker, red lacquer bowl, treasure chest, scratch posts

The normal cats squeeze into the vases like this:

vase neko atsume

They squeeze in the cowboy hat like in the tiny box or try to wear the hat on their heads:

cowboy hat neko atsume

This is how they hang out at the bath:

The cats in the rice cooker:

rice cooker neko atsume

The cats hanging out in the red lacquer bowl:



Treasure Chests:

Are the cats staring at the fish because they’re hungry? When the cats peer through the fish bowl, they’re animated.


The snow dome is really cute because the snow in the dome is animated.

snow dome.png

The normal cats scratch on the log and post similarly.

scratching posts neko atsume

When the cats scratch on the scratching board however they do it face-front.

scratching board neko atsume

Special items: cowboy hat (Kid San), red lacquer bowl (Maromayu San / Kathmandu)


Cloth, Rail, Leaves, Paper Bag, Plastic Bag

The cats look soooo cute in the cloth! They look especially warm and comfy in winter. The green patterned, yellow and red cloth are all the same.

cloths neko atsume

The cats are animated when they play with the rail, which makes it 1 of the favorite items with me, but it takes up a large space. I reckon the cats play with it for quite a long time though so it’s ok.

rail neko atsume

When the cats stick their head into the leaves their legs stick out like when they play with the cake box. They look very cute when just their face is showing.

leaves neko atsume


The cats stick their heads into both the plastic bag and paper bag but look different. Don’t worry, they won’t die from suffocation!


Teasers,Wands, Toys, Busy Bee, Butterfly Swarm

There are 4 teasers in total. With the wing-thing teaser, the cats either sleep next to it or lie on their back to play with it:

feather teaser

Same with the toys.

toys neko atsume

pink toy

With the wands they do all of the above plus jump up and pull them down.

With the other teasers they sleep next to them or paw them which is really cute and animated.

teasers neko atsume

The cats sleep next to the busy bee, lie on their back and try to CATch the busy bee (animated) or just stare at it all entranced. The busy bee moves.

This is how they play with the butterfly swarm (the butterflies bounce up and down).


You should get:

special item: mouse wand

1 teaser (except the wing-thing one), 1 toy or the wing-thing teaser, busy bee

Heaters, Carpets (Mats)

The cats just lounge around the heaters and on the carpets.

All heaters take up a large space. Max of 3 cats.


Max 3 cats on the large carpet and 1 on the small.


Max 3 cats on the large cool mat too and 1 on the small.

cool mat

Special items: red heater, large cool mat


Tunnels, Kotatsu

The tunnels are all pretty similar. It’s more worth it to get the tunnels with more entrances.

U-tunnel neko atsume

straight tunnel:

straight tunnel
straight tunnel

The choco tunnel and shell tunnels are pretty similar to the other tunnels except they are small and don’t take up a large space.

chocolate roll neko atsume

shell tunnel neko atsume


This tunnel can accommodate the most number of cats:

4-cat tunnel neko atsume
4-cat tunnel

The kotatsu is super cute:

kotatsu neko atsume

So is the round kotatsu:

round kotatsu.png

You should get the:

special item: kotatsu

4-cat tunnel because it can accommodate the most cats

Umbrellas, Towers, Bureau with Pot, Sunken Fireplace, Sled, Antique Chair, Dino Deluxe, Athletic cat gym (Large items)

The umbrellas, towers, sled, sweets tower and shelves are all large items.

The cats hang out on all of these similarly.

The most number of cats I’ve seen hanging out at the umbrellas is 3.

The bigger tower you get the more worth it as you get more cats hanging out. The most I’ve ever gotten is 6 cats.


It’s pretty cute when the cats hang out in the bureau with pot. The maximum no. of cats you can get there is 5.


The athletic cat-gym is supposed to get the cats exercising I guess but they seem pretty happy just sitting on it LOL. The most I’ve seen on mine is 4 cats.

athletic cat gym.png

The most cats I’ve seen on the sunken fireplace is 4. (You need Chairman Meow at the top to get 4). The cats have this strange new pose where they look like they’ve keeled over from a heart attack on the sunken fireplace, but they’re probably just bowing – they do it too on the cushions.

sunken fireplace item guide neko atsume

The sled is a large item but can only hold 2 cats.


The antique chair can only hold 2 cats.

antique chair.png

Sweets tower (most I’ve seen is 5 cats):

sweets tower

Dino Deluxe (only 2 cats) – cats pretty much just hang out on it and sometimes scratch.

dino deluxe

Special items: Märchen parasol, sweets tower, Athletic EX tower, sunken fireplace and shelves.

The others are pretty standard so it just depends whether you like how the cats look when they hang out around those items.

socks/stockings, pails/pots, fruit basket, earthenware pot/ aluminium bowl / basket

The nekos look pretty much the same in all the stockings/socks. Either their paws are sticking out or not.

socks stockings neko atsume

They look the same in all the pails/pots.

pots pails neko atsume

aluminium pot

The normal cats sleep in the earthenware pot, aluminium bowl, aluminium pot and fruit basket in the same way.

basket earthenware pot neko atsumealuminium pot

You should get:

Special items: earthenware pot (Nabeneko San / Chairman Meow)

1 sock, 1 pail


zabuton, cushions, fluffy beds, royal bed, hot water bottle, cubes, mats, pads, dome cushions, hammock, burger/hot cake, macarons, tents

All the zabuton, cushions, mats and pads are pretty much the same. The nekos use them the same way.

zabuton & cushionface down.png

The big cushion can fit 2 normal cats

big cushion neko atsume

The cats use the hammocks the same way as the cushions


On the fluffy bed:

The cats on the hot water bottle:

The cats on the royal bed:

Like the big cushion, the cubes can be put in a small location yet accommodate 2 cats so they’re quite worth it. The tree trunk with hole (stump house) and mushroom house/shiitake house too.

The nekos can sink into the soft cushions (dark brown, sheep, sakura mochi, hamburger or beads(bean bag),Mister Penguin) and look quite cute so you may want to get 1 of these.

sheep cushion2mister penguin bean bag neko atsume

The burger and hot cake cushions are slightly more versatile. Better to get the burger/hot cake cushion though as the extra poses for the dark brown cushion are similar to the poses for the hammock or cushion or zabuton.

burger hot cake pose 1burger hot cake pose 2

The dome cushions, tents, macarons, egg beds and shu cream house are pretty similar. It’s hard to see much of the cats when they’re in the macarons though.


egg bed.png

So you should get:

Special items: chirimen zabuton (red), sakura zabuton (pink), shirayuki zabuton (pale blue), high class cushion (green and gold), royal bed, big cushion, high class hammock, pyramid tent

1 of the cubes / tree stump house, burger / hot cake house, 1 of the dome cushions

Box items

All the boxes are pretty different so it’s good to get them all.

The small box and gift box are similar:

small box neko atsume english guide
small box
giftbox neko atsume

The cats stick their heads into the cake box (their tails swish back and forth (animated) or just stay still with their tails sticking striahgt up, so cute!):

cake box neko atsume english guide
cake box

Pretend to be a tortoise with the medium sized box:

medium box neko atsume english guide
medium box

Squeeze into the box car:

box car neko atsume
box car

Pretend to visit someone in the house deluxe:

house deluxe ex neko atsume english
house deluxe ex

Pay Cafe San a visit in the Cafe Deluxe:

cafe deluxe neko atsume english
cafe deluxe

Ride a train:

train item neko atsume
train deluxe

Special items: house deluxe ex (Koi Koi San), cafe deluxe (Cafe San / Sassy Fran) , train deluxe (Ekichou San)

You should get all the box items, and either the gift box or small box.

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