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Summer update!! 15 July

Omg!!! Have been waiting so long for an update!!!! Finally!! Will post about the new items soon 🙂 Please use the search function on my blog to find a bout the new items! They will be updated into my old relevant posts on the items.Untitled

Shiro Neko San / Snowball

Everybody’s first cat!

Shiro Neko San Snowball

Physical characteristic: white

Personality: quiet

Treasure: flower-patterned collar – a small flower-patterned collar


せばすさん Sebasu San / Jeeves

I think Sebasu is short for Sebastian, which seems like a typical ‘Japanese English’ name for a butler…hahah. He always seems to appear with Sapphire San, and stays slightly longer than her.

Sebasu San Jeeves profile neko atsume

Physical characteristic: side parting

Personality: lightning speed

Treasure: a silver pocket watch – a wind up type pocket watch. Although it’s an antique, it shows the correct time.

Sebasu San Jeeves treasure neko atsume

Here is Sebasu San with Sapphire San under the Märchen parasol:

Märchen parasol Jeeves Sapphire Neko Atsume

And here he is with her again on the sweets tower:

Sapphire Jeeves sweets tower neko atsume



さふぁいあさん Sapphire San / Sapphire

Sapphire San looks so ladylike doesn’t she! She comes for the Märchen parasol and sweets tower. By the way, ‘Märchen’ means folk tale/fairy tale, which explains the new sweets garden (sorta like the gingerbread house in Hansel & Gretel) and the sweets items. She seems to always turn up with Sebasu San in tow, but leaves slightly earlier than him. She seems to have a preference for deluxe tuna bitz.

Sapphire San profile neko atsume

Physical characteristic: Siamese (cat)

Personality: (literally lady in a box) a girl who has led a sheltered life

Treasure: a favourite collection of poems – although the written contents are not understood, there are beautiful cat illustrations.

Sapphire San treasure neko atsume

Sapphire San under the Märchen parasol with Sebasu San:

Märchen parasol Jeeves Sapphire Neko Atsume

Sapphire San on the sweets tower with Sebasu San:

Sapphire Jeeves sweets tower neko atsume

Don’t you think they look like the groom and bride dolls on top of a wedding cake? Well except that he has a towel over his arm like a butler hahaha.

How to get the wallpapers

You have to fulfill certain criteria to get the different wallpapers. It’s not exactly clear what the criteria are. I think it’s something to do with getting the particular cats – if you haven’t gotten the cat to your garden yet, you can’t have their wallpaper. For some of the wallpapers, you need to get the treasure/memento from certain cats to unlock a wallpaper. ( For example, Shiro Neko San / Snowball needs to have given you a momento for his wallpaper to be available. Same for Ms Fortune and Peaches). For other wallpapers you need to have the cat visited you at least 25 times.

To buy the wallpapers, go to Menu> Shop>Gallery/Wallpaper.

buy wallpepr

Here’s a look at them:

When you click one, they’ll show you the sample, the actual one will of course not have the ‘sample’ word:

wallpaper neko atsume
Sample wallpaper

After you click ‘buy’, click the ‘save’ button. The game will automatically ‘exit’ and the picture will be in your phone’s ‘camera roll’.

Once you’ve bought the wallpaper, you can download it numerous times.

1st page wallpapers:

2nd page wallpapers (the socks one is soooo cute!! Also the 2nd one with all the different cats):

3rd page wallpapers (Yuki Neko San looks so cute with the snow bunny!):


4th page wallpapers :

You need Bengal Jack’s memento for his wallpaper. For Ms Fortune and Sassy Fran’s you need to have had them visit you 25 times to get these wallpapers.

Which wallpaper(s) do you like best?

ちょこさん Choco San / Ganache

Choco San so far has come (in my garden) for the shu cream house, chocolate roll, big sweets tower (Tower of treats) and Märchen parasol.

Choco San Ganache profile neko atsume
Physical characteristic: chocolate

Personality: dry

Treasure: puzzle piece – a jigsaw puzzle piece

Choco San Ganache treasure neko atsume

くりーむとらさん Cream Tora San/Apricot

So far Cream Tora San has come for the chocolate tunnel, cookie cushion, Melhen parasol, white fluffy cushion and tree trunk house.

Cream Tora San profile neko atsume

Physical characteristic: cream tabby

Personality: lazy bones, idler

Treasure: small toothbrush – a small toothbrush for cats, surprisingly it is being used quite well.

Cream Tora San treasure


Update March 24 2016

Mew update!!!

Lots of new goods! Also a new garden! It’s so sugary sweet!!

There are also 2 new normal cats and 2 special cats.
You can also get wallpapers but to get them you have to fulfill certain criteria.
To buy the wallpapers go to the menu>shop>wallpapers. Full post on wallpapers here.

buy wallpepr


Update also on Prince San who comes for one of the new items!

Happy CNY!!

Happy CNY!! Since I’m showing you guys this picture, thought I’d introduce Neko Atsume’s official twitter account at the same time (if you don’t follow them already). It’s the best way of finding out the most recent news, but it also makes me very envious of all the super cute stickers and all available for Japan smart phone users and goodies over there!

image credit: ねこあつめ公式 (twitter account @nekoatsume_tw)


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