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しまぽいんとさん / Melange

Melange really looks like a mix of Marshmallow and Mack. So far Melange has come for the kick toy (bunny), kick toy (fish), cowboy hat, dino deluxe and big cushion in my garden.

melange profile neko atsume

Personality: has presence of mind, calm and self-possessed

Physical characteristic: blue lynx

Treasure: cotton scarf – a cotton scarf that is nice to touch, inside there’s some embroidery that looks like words

melange memento neko atsume

とらぽいんとさん / Macchiato

So far Macchiato has come for Mister Mouse, hammock (yellow), wing-thing teaser, luxury treasure-box and the cowboy hat. Macchiato likes Ritzy Bitz so if you’re having trouble getting him, try it!

macchiato tora pointo san.png

Personality: contrary / sourpuss

Physical characteristic: seal lynx

Treasure:leather choker – a leather choker with a locket that is broken and can’t be opened

macchiato tora pointo san memento.png

ふじでこさん  / Chip

Chip seems to really like the manta ray mat! Came to visit almost straightaway when I laid it out. He’s also come for the aluminum bowl, marble mat, thick cooling pad and cool aluminium pad. He seems to like the cooling items! He also really likes the royal bed. 

Fujideko San Chip neko atsume

Personality: young son of a good family. Young master.

Physical characteristic: hairline that grows to a peak in the middle of the forehead

Treasure:ribbon hair tie – polka dot ribbon hair tie

Fujideko San Chip memento neko atsume

うすみけさん / Pasty 

Usumike San has come for the glass vase, sunken fireplace, small box, flower pot, all the pails and white shell tunnel so far in my garden. (Pastel colored fur = pasty?)

usumike san pasty neko atsume
Personality: innocent/ simple minded

Physical characteristic: light 3-colored fur

Treasure: shriveled bulb plant – a sad looking bulb plant with earth left on the surface

usumike pasty memento neko atsume


ちょこさん Choco San / Ganache

Choco San so far has come (in my garden) for the shu cream house, chocolate roll, big sweets tower (Tower of treats) and Märchen parasol.

Choco San Ganache profile neko atsume
Physical characteristic: chocolate

Personality: dry

Treasure: puzzle piece – a jigsaw puzzle piece

Choco San Ganache treasure neko atsume

くりーむとらさん Cream Tora San/Apricot

So far Cream Tora San has come for the chocolate tunnel, cookie cushion, Melhen parasol, white fluffy cushion and tree trunk house.

Cream Tora San profile neko atsume

Physical characteristic: cream tabby

Personality: lazy bones, idler

Treasure: small toothbrush – a small toothbrush for cats, surprisingly it is being used quite well.

Cream Tora San treasure


はいさびさん Haisabi San / Spooky

Haisabi San’s top 3 goods in my garden: Bureau with pot, zebra grass gadget, cardboard choo-choo.

Haisabi San profile neko atsume
Haisabi San profile

Physical characteristic: grey+rust

Personality: shy / reserved

Treasure: present ribbon – a slightly twisted ribbon that was tied on a gift box

Haisabi San treasure neko atsume
Haisabi San treasure

しろみけさん Shiromike San / Dottie

Shiromike San profile neko atsume in English
Shiromike San profile

Physical characteristic: white calico

Personality: amiable/affable towards humans

Treasure: juice bottle cap – bottle cap of which pattern has never been seen, behind there’s some thin cork stuck on it

Shiromike San treasure neko atsume
Shiromike San treasure

くりーむさん Cream San / Peaches

Cream San is very elusive! If you do manage to see Cream San, make sure you get a photo! So far, in my garden the top 3 goods for Cream San are the Nodategasa (red traditional style umbrella). chirimen cushion and blizzard tent.

Cream San profile neko atsume
Cream San profile

Physical characteristic: cream spotted

Personality: whimsical/capricious/fickle

Treasure: bent straw – a plastic straw in a special shape

(Could the straw be bent in the same heart shape that is on Cream San’s body?)

Cream San treasure neko atsume
Cream San treasure

Here are some pictures of Cream San so you can see what other items Cream San likes:

Cream San pictures neko atsume
Cream San pictures
Cream San pics neko atsume
Cream San pics

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