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update Jan 2018


It looks like there are 3 new kokeshi pots, a white giant cushion and green giftbox! Also a new regular cat.

Here’s a look at the items:


The cats look so cute in the kokeshi pots! like little bundled up kittens

The white giant cushion can fit 2 normal cats like the other giant cushion.


Update Dec 2016

The new items are soooo cute!!

new items Dec 2016

There’s a new special cat too. Post about it soon!

The cats now also rub their face:




Update October 2016

New cats, new items and new ‘garden’!

Will blog more on the new cats(とらぽいんとさん / Macchiatoしまぽいんとさん / Melange) and items soon. This is what the new cafe ‘garden’ looks like! For an overview of all gardens go to Extend your garden and remodel

cafe neko atsume

Summer in Neko Atsume 2016

Summer has officially landed in Neko Atsume!!

What do you think?

Normal garden – Notice the cute pig shaped incense holder (katori senko)? So cute!

summer normal garden neko atsume

Japanese traditional Garden – love the cute black hand-held fan(uchiwa)!

Wood deck garden – the sea shells on the dresser are really pretty 🙂

Modern garden has been updated with new paintings:

Western style – the cacti have flowered.

Western garden neko atsume
Sweets garden – looks like ice cream at the bottom now, instead of swirly stuff.


There are new wallpapers too – check out my wallpaper post 🙂

Update March 24 2016

Mew update!!!

Lots of new goods! Also a new garden! It’s so sugary sweet!!

There are also 2 new normal cats and 2 special cats.
You can also get wallpapers but to get them you have to fulfill certain criteria.
To buy the wallpapers go to the menu>shop>wallpapers. Full post on wallpapers here.

buy wallpepr


Update also on Prince San who comes for one of the new items!

Update 29 Jan 2016

Yay an update!

Basically there are new goods in the store. I’m loving them, they’re so cute!

As usual, I’ll be updating them under ‘items’ but here’s a quick look at some of them!


I’m especially loving the rice cooker, hot water bottle (yutanbo) and sunken fireplace! What about you guys?

Nabeneko San appears on top of the sunken fireplace, check out my post on him to see a picture 🙂

Winter in Neko Atsume 18th Dec 2015 update

It’s winter in Neko Atsume!!! Too cute!!! I love the winter version of the song!!!

By the way there’s no way to induce the snow, there will just be snow randomly.

Lay out the items for Yuki Neko San / Frosty because he seems to like appearing when there’s snow. Post on Yuki Neko San / Frosty here.

Is the snow rabbit in the normal style garden super cute or what!! (You can search yuki usagi to find out more)

normal garden winter neko atsume
normal garden in winter

There’s a shovel leaning on the wall in the wood deck garden.

winter Neko Atsume
wood deck in winter

The pond has frozen over in the traditional Japanese one.

pond & alcove in winter

There’s a snowman (yuki daruma) in the modern one~

modern style winter neko atsume
modern style in winter
winter in Western style neko atsume
winter in Western style


winter sweets garden neko atsume
winter in sweets garden


The carpet is different and the lamp at the bottom left corner has been replaced with a clothes rack and red hat.

winter cafe neko atsume
winter in cafe

The new goods are super cute too, I will be updating them under the ‘items’ section in the menu.

There is also a ‘leave it to us’ button under Menu>Goods, which will randomly set goods in your garden!

random setting

You can also clear your garden of all the goods with just 1 button now:

clear evrything

Check out my post on Ekichou San / Conductor Whisker’s too because there’s an update on that post because of this update!

Update! 24th Sep 2015

What the update includes:

2 new cats

neko atsume 2 new cats
2 new cats

lots of new goods!

You can widen the area when taking a photo of the cat – just ‘pinch in’ and ‘pinch out’ to change the size

widened area to take a photo
widened area to take a photo (the white box you see is the widest you can go now)

No. of photos you can put in the ‘free album’ has increased from 48 to 72

more pages in the free album neko atsume
more pages in the free album!

It is possible to increase pages in the albums. Click here to find out how.

The free album can have a max of 16 pages (96 photos) and the individual albums can have a max of 8 pages (48 photos)

*A 1-page increase will cost 10 gold anchovies.

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