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How to get the wallpapers

You have to fulfill certain criteria to get the different wallpapers. It’s not exactly clear what the criteria are. I think it’s something to do with getting the particular cats – if you haven’t gotten the cat to your garden yet, you can’t have their wallpaper. For some of the wallpapers, you need to get the treasure/memento from certain cats to unlock a wallpaper. ( For example, Shiro Neko San / Snowball needs to have given you a momento for his wallpaper to be available. Same for Ms Fortune and Peaches). For other wallpapers you need to have the cat visited you at least 25 times.

To buy the wallpapers, go to Menu> Shop>Gallery/Wallpaper.

buy wallpepr

Here’s a look at them:

When you click one, they’ll show you the sample, the actual one will of course not have the ‘sample’ word:

wallpaper neko atsume
Sample wallpaper

After you click ‘buy’, click the ‘save’ button. The game will automatically ‘exit’ and the picture will be in your phone’s ‘camera roll’.

Once you’ve bought the wallpaper, you can download it numerous times.

1st page wallpapers:

2nd page wallpapers (the socks one is soooo cute!! Also the 2nd one with all the different cats):

3rd page wallpapers (Yuki Neko San looks so cute with the snow bunny!):


4th page wallpapers :

You need Bengal Jack’s memento for his wallpaper. For Ms Fortune and Sassy Fran’s you need to have had them visit you 25 times to get these wallpapers.

Which wallpaper(s) do you like best?


take photos

Meow! Taking photos in Neko Atsume is easy.

Go to ‘camera’ and click it. After that, you’ll see 3 menu items on the top. The first one (cat image) will allow you to take a picture of the cat, with the cat picture automatically going into its album. The 2nd one will take a screenshot and the last one of your extended garden.


If you want to take a picture of the particular cat, click in the red box and this will appear:

take photo neko atsume

After you’ve taken the picture, the picture will appear in the cat’s album.


If you take a screenshot, the photo will appear in your camera roll. So just exit Neko Atsume and look for it in your camera roll.

Change to English

Neko Atsume is now in English! It’s very easy to change it to English. Just go to settings in the menu:

Neko Atsume menu
Neko Atsume menu

Press ‘English’:

change to English neko atsume
change to English

After that it will seem like nothing has happened, but just press the ‘x’ button at the top left.

Your English game will now load!

English Neko Atsume loading page
English Neko Atsume loading page

Voila! It’s all in English! Do note however that some of it is not the ‘exact’ translation. Just compare to the translations I’ve done of the cat profiles and you’ll see what I mean. Even the cat names are different! I think I’ll stick to playing it in Japanese 🙂 How about you? Will you be switching to English?

Add pages in album

Meow! I’m so happy that we can now add pages to the cats’ albums!

It’s really simple to do. Click the icon at the bottom right of the album:

add page to album neko atsume
add page to album

This will pop up, click ‘yes’ (it costs 10 golden anchovies to add a page)

to add an album page neko atsume
to add an album page

You don’t need to add the page before taking a photo of a cat because when you take a photo of a cat with a full album, the game will lead you to the album so you have the option right then and there to either delete a photo in the album so that the new 1 can replace it, or to add a page.

Get treasure from the cats

Meow! It’s pretty much a waiting game. If the cat comes often enough, it will eventually give you a ‘treasure’. What happens when they give you a treasure is that the screen will suddenly go black (don’t panic!), a cat will walk across the screen and stop at the center of the screen:

treasure from cat neko atsume
treasure from cat

Tap on the cat and the treasure will appear!

cat treasure neko atsume
cat treasure neko atsume

You can still see the treasure at the cat’s profile or at ‘treasure’ under the main menu.

cat treasures neko atsume
cat treasures

If you click on the individual treasure, you’ll see the description, which is the same on the cat’s profile.

treasure description
treasure description

Extend your garden and remodel

If you google Neko Atsume you’ll see lots of different types of gardens. How do you get them?

Well, first you have to extend your garden.

You need 180 gold anchovies to entend your garden. You can extend it by going to the shop and scrolling right through to the end.

garden extension neko atsume
garden extension

After you extend your garden, you can remodel your garden! (Go to the menu>others>remodel)

neko atsume remodel
neko atsume remodel

There are different style gardens and they will all cost you golden anchovies. 140 golden anchovies for the first remodel and 280 for any subsequent ones. You can switch between gardens without any further charge. However, if you do that while there are still cats in the garden, they will leave. Any leftover food will still remain though.

garden extension remodel neko atsumegarden remodel neko atsume

Usual style:

extended garden neko atsume
extended garden

pond with alcove:

This garden is very nice but if you put the Athletic EX tower indoors, you won’t be able to see the cat at the top most level.

pond with alcove neko atsume
pond with alcove

wood deck:

The wood deck is quite nice because even small items won’t block the other items.

Wood deck neko atsume
Wood deck

modern style:

modern style neko atsume
modern style

Western style:

The Western style is really cool but the cactus is kinda in the way when you want to take pictures of the cats.

Western style garden neko atsume
Western style

The sweets garden is so girly! Sooo colorful. Anything tall indoors in the L size area will block the item behind.

sweets garden neko atsume
sweets garden
cafe garden

Which do you like most?

Check cat food

Hello meow!

My friend didn’t know you could check how much cat food there is left in the garden/house so I thought I’d post about it!

Basically, you just tap on the cat food and the below screen should pop out:

cat food neko atsume
cat food neko atsume

This can be quite handy if you’re not sure whether to re-fill the bowl with food before you sleep because you’re not sure how much food there is left.

move cat photos or delete cat photos

If you want to delete any of the photos in your cat album because it’s full and you have a cuter newer photo, delete an old photo by tapping the photo you want to delete and pressing ‘delete’ (at the top menu as you can see in the photo below).

If you want to move the cat photos across albums in Neko Atsume, it’s pretty easy too!

Go to the cat album, click the photo you want to move and press ‘move’ at the top – as shown in the picture below.

Neko Atsume album
Neko Atsume Album

Once you click ‘move’, you will see this screen:

neko atsume moving album
neko atsume moving album

Choose the album you want to move the photo to and you’re done! The first one at the top is a ‘free album’.

If you want to move a photo within an album, tap on the photo once, then hold on to it and move it across to the position of the photo you want to replace. The photos will swap places.

set profile photo/best shot for the cat

Hi! My friend didn’t know how to set the profile photo / album cover photo for the cat so I thought I’d run through it with you guys. What I mean by the profile photo is shown below:

profile photo album cover neko atsume

Click on the cat’s album. Click on the photo you want to be the profile photo twice.

Neko Atsume cat album
Neko Atsume cat album

When it says ‘best shot’ below as in the bottom right pic of the grey cat with pink ball of yarn above, it will be the profile photo of the cat. If you want to change to another photo, just double click the other photo till it shows ‘best shot’.


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